The Keys to Successfully Realizing Your God Given Purpose

Mark Shields:

As we are getting near the end of the year and start thinking about next year, here is another post in the “God’s Plan for Us” series. There are five keys to successfully realizing your God given purpose; thoughts, plans, desires, confidence, and determination.

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A lot of times the things we think look good end up not being so good. The things we don’t think will be good end up being what’s really good and useful. If the things of God are what we cherish, then we have all we need. Paraphrasing what my pastor, Steve Ramsdell once said in a sermon, “Over the course of life, most good things don’t happen magically or suddenly. They are the result of a predetermined request, an ongoing commitment to build momentum for life”. Here is a link to the Podcast player for inspiration at any time or any place: FUMC Sermon Podcast.

Vince Lombardi, the great football coach of the Green Bay Packers once said, “I firmly believe that a man’s finest hour – his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear is the moment when he works his heart out in a good cause…

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The Gift of a Savior

Mark Shields:

God’s gift of Jesus at Christmas is a gift that last forever; meaningful and useful for every endeavor.

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Searching for the right gift
So little time to go
The stress is high
All the lights aglow

Remember it is time
The stretch of the season
Our Savior was born
This is the true reason

Because of a baby born
Born in a manger
To become our Savior
And the real game changer

A simple family Christmas is glorious
Putting us at peace with our fate
Setting us at peace with God
The ticket through the pearly gates

Most gifts are short term
But God’s gift is forever
The one that is meaningful
Useful for any endeavor

By Mark Shields – © 12-18-2014
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Remember What We are Waiting For

Waiting is the hardest work of hope and at Christmas time we get the opportunity to remember what we are waiting for. Our joy gets stronger as we wait on the Lord’s return. He does His most important work while we wait so let us use this time to pause during our busy time, listen, reflect, and worship. – Thoughts from sermon of Steve Ramsdell, 12-14-2014

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