Depend on God To Provide The Power

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God be with us, who can be against us? – Romans 8:31

After reading Exodus 23:1-19 and writing in the post “Reach New Heights”, the thought entered my mind just how important it is to depend on God to provide the power in our life.

We can reach new heights by discovering the strengths God has blessed us with and like in the song White Flag by Chris Tomlin, surrendering it up for His glory. 


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Reach New Heights

As written in Exodus 23:1-19, God is seeking to develop in His people a quality of life that is fair and just for all. Mentioned is the need for a day of rest and a time to recharge. A growing faith will not go up and down like the stock market. Instead, faith will continue to grow over a lifetime and continue to free us up to reach new heights.

Another thought brought out in today’s passage is that we should depend on God’s power rather than on our own ability. This requires setting aside a time of renewal, celebration and praise. Just as instructions were given to the Israelites for annual feasts, we should also set aside time for celebration and praise. Some ways to praise God are through our actions, our music, and through prayer.

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This day with You Lord, help us to reach new heights. To face challenges head on by having faith that everything will work out with You by our side. Help us to use the skills You have given each of us, help us to be happy with who You made us to be, and let us depend on You to provide the power. Amen.

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The Week Ahead

This week, we will continue the journey and share more thoughts from the study of Exodus 23.

Index of Devotionals

Below are some questions for reflection:

Exodus 23:1-19
*What quality of life is God seeking to develop in His people here? What needs do the commands of verses 10-13 meet? What changes can you make so that a day of rest is a time of renewal instead of frantic activity for you and others? When and how do you express gratitude to God?

Exodus 23:20-33
*What are the provisional conditions and promises God makes? What are the areas in which God will bless Israel if they serve Him? Are these blessing available to us today and how can we receive them?

Believe that God has a great plan for you.

Victory starts by having a plan. By accepting God’s plan for us, all we need to do is follow and believe He will provide the power. He will give the upper hand to make what seems impossible possible. 

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*Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God: A Daily Study Guide to the Entire Bible. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1978. Print.
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