Divine Favor

In the midst of a distressful uprising, King David appealed to God as written in Psalm 4. He speaks of his relationship with God as one in which there is constant conversation through prayer (v. 3) and a feeling of safety (v. 8).

Because of the sacrifices of the righteous and a trust in the Lord (v. 5), there is a positive tone as written in verses 7-8. In the book “Ordering Your Private World” explained is how we can cultivate happiness and joy much like a farmer cultivates a crop for harvesting. By cultivating the garden (your soul), the spirit flows with life-giving energy much like physical exercise produces a strong and healthy body.

Lord, this day we believe that you will give us divine favor like You did for king David. We pray that we offer You our total focus in our time and other sacrifices today. We pray that we apply our faith and help with service to others today. We have faith that You will work through us, we trust You for peace of mind, abundant joy, and we look forward to blessings beyond measure. Amen!

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Never Alone

As written about in the post Trust in His Protection, let your hope in God sustain you during difficult situations. Go to Him in prayer, keep asking for answers, listening for instructions, and believing in successful outcomes. Enjoy this video today and be assured that you are never alone: We Won’t Be Shaken – Building 429.

By standing firm you will gain life. – Luke 21:19 

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Trust in His Protection

David is on the run from his rebellious son Absalom as he writes Psalm 3. As verse 6 states, tens of thousands surrounded him but he had faith that God would protect him. It was as though God was right there with him making sure no one would do any harm to him. He even wrote as though God had already saved him.

Tracing the concept of deliverance in this Psalm, David is concerned about freedom from enemies during war. Many times, just living life can be like a war if facing an illness, paying off debt, or paying bills. That’s why the word “but” in verse 3 is so important because this day with God, hope will wash away every disappointment, joy will dissolve every sorrow, and God’s love through Christ will ease every burden.

This day with You God, we have confidence that the resources needed will be given. Your Word gives us poise under pressure. In stressful situations, we can come to You Lord and know we are really never alone. You are with us always to help us take on the daily challenges. Amen!

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