Correction and Redirection

A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way? – Proverbs 20:24 

In the post, “Doing the Right Thing”, written about was how Israel was heading down the wrong path and that God’s judgment would come upon that nation. In many ways, the world today is not that different than during the time of Amos.

A lesson learned is that we need to listen, know God’s plan for us, make adjustments in life if necessary, and take action on doing the right thing. Here’s a video that highlights these thoughts and inspires us to do the right thing: Come Let Us Return to the Lord – Matt Redman. 

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Doing the Right Thing

The Lord had elected the people of Israel from among all the nations to be His people. He had brought them out of Egypt and they enjoyed a clear advantage that no other nation received. With this relationship came more responsibility to listen and do what He said. Reading in Amos 3, it is clear that they had rejected God and there would be judgment.

Amos prophesizes that a nation would be used by God to bring Judgment. They would overrun their land, pull down their strongholds, and plunder their fortresses (v. 11). The last few verses of this passage suggest that Israel was a nation of affluence and materialism. The winter house along with the summer house would be torn down. The houses adorned with ivory would be destroyed and the mansions would be demolished (v. 15).

Amos justified his prophesying as a call of the Lord (v. 8). Before God acted in judgment, He gave the people a chance to get things right but they no longer knew how and the more they rejected God, the more difficult it was to get going down the right path.

The world today is not that different than during the time of Amos. The world tells a lie when we hear from some that we don’t need God and we can be successful on our own without any help from God. But just as it was during the time of Amos, the plan God has laid out for us by accepting His Son is the only path to victory.

This day with You Lord, we accept the path You have laid out for us. Help us to listen, know the plan, make adjustments in our life if necessary, and take action on doing the right thing. Help us to be in agreement and work together. Without You God, we have no strength but with You there is knowledge and power. You help us to plan out the right things for our day and everything falls into place for an amazing day. Amen

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For the week ahead, take some time to evaluate your priorities.

Step Ahead

A good football team
studies the competition
by looking at game film
of the opponents mission.
Looking for their tendencies
and we too face competition
which is anything that holds
us back from our own mission.
Things like fear, despair, and hate.
So, study the film called life
to come up with your great plans
for your tomorrows as you strife.
Think with skillful accuracy
and make the needed adjustment
to be in a position for success
using your remarkable judgment.
Develop that untapped potential;
the amazing abundance of talents.
The abilities you have never ever used
by approaching each day with valiance
Each day provides another occasion
to try something never ever tried before
as you appreciate the lessons of the past
looking for opportunities to open a new door.
You can relate the normally unrelated
and see usual things in unusual ways.
You have a passion for new…

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