Stepping Ahead with Faith

Mark Shields:

The thought for me in Reading Genesis 12 is to just be yourself. We shouldn’t try to be someone we are not. Instead, believe in yourself. Feel comfortable in your own skin. Deceiving ourselves or others never gets us anywhere. This day with God, let us trust in Him and we will be blessed. This poem was inspired with these thoughts in mind. Have a great weekend my friends!

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Step ahead into the future
To build a better nation
Step ahead with faith
With no hesitation

The lack of faith
Gets one off track
We may face difficulties
But know God has our back

He calls us to step ahead
And this requires trust
So get away from the comfort zone
Dream, explore, and adjust

We all have weaknesses
But those who can step ahead
Even while having doubts
Will grow stronger instead

Our courage will affect others
And they will follow our ambition
Let’s be who God made us to be
And believe in the mission

By Mark Shields – © 04-23-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 12
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Initiating Spiritual Growth

By initiating spiritual growth with regular Bible Study and reflecting on experiences along the journey, there will be spiritual maturity. What we write about today may not sink in but write it anyway and someday your words like seeds will take root. Refuse to stop. Instead, do God’s work and eventually will blossom a flower for the world to see. Enjoy today’s video: I Refuse – Josh Wilson.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33 

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Boldly Stepping Ahead on the Journey

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Because of God’s guidance, Jacob had gained wealth even when Laban continued to put obstacles in his way. Reading in Genesis 32, God now sends angels to help Jacob as he boldly steps ahead on the journey back to his homeland in Canaan.

Jacob wants to make things right with his brother Esau so he sends messengers ahead to let it be known to Esau that he wanted to reconcile. The messengers returned with news that Esau was coming to meet Jacob along with four hundred men (v. 6). This distressed Jacob because he feared Esau would be carrying out revenge for tricking their father into receiving his blessing.

Jacob went to the Lord in prayer; pleading for protection. Then Jacob took further action by selecting a significant number of cattle, sheep, goats, rams, camels, and donkeys as gifts for Esau.

Earlier in life, Jacob had seen the ladder at Bethel. Now we are told in this passage that he wrestles a man during the night while he was alone on the other side of the ford of the Jabbok. Who is this man that Jacob wrestles with? Many Bible commentators identify the man as Christ.

Along his spiritual journey, Jacob continues to learn things about himself and about God. He has been a man of passion and initiative; been blessed with wealth and a family but he realizes that only God can give holiness. We can learn the same lesson along our spiritual journey and gain full spiritual maturity.

This day with God, refuse to sit back in mediocrity. Instead, be who God has made you to be. Get ready for the challenge of each day by going to the ONE who created it all and passionately stirring each other up to boldly step ahead.

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