Relay for Life McLennan County and Baylor University

I’m supporting Relay for Life with a purchase of a luminaria in memory of my mom. Please consider making a donation to my team “Stepping On Cancer” in memory or honor of someone.

The Relay is back at the old Baylor track this year. Below is the link with info on the event.  To make a donation, just scroll down the page to Event Fundraising and click on All Teams to find the team “Stepping On Cancer”.  There is a donate button under each team name.

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Seize the Moment

In sports, there are times when an individual can seize the moment. To either come through in the clutch or go down in defeat. In life, we face the same challenges. Each moment of each day, we can make a big difference. This poem inspires this thought of focusing on the details of our actions and seize each moment.

Step Ahead

There are certain points
Within a close game
When an individual
Either makes a name
For the team or
Has to take the blame.

In the game of baseball,
It may be when a runner
Is in scoring position
And pulls a stunner
By putting down a bunt
To bring in the other.

My Daughter in 2010 Up to Bat in Softball

In the game of softball,
It may be getting a hit
At the right time by
Turning it up a bit;
Coming through in the
Clutch … never to quit.

In the game of football,
It may be when the team
Takes advantage
It would seem
By recovering a fumble
Or using a new scheme.

Football Game As We Visit My Daughter at Abilene Christian University

It’s the same in life
As there are times
To capture memories
And offer some rhymes
Of fantastic lifetimes.

Poem by…

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The Reward is with the Lord

Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. – Revelation 22:12

As brought out in the post “Keeping Sight of Doing Right”, the greatest reward is doing the right thing so the heart is at peace in knowing that God will reward with an eternal destiny.

Just as pointed out in this song Lose My Soul by Toby Mac ft. Kirk Franklin, Mandisa, some are consumed by gaining the whole world but in the process lose their soul. Instead, do the right things in life and look forward your eternal destiny.


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