Obedience in Detail to the Blueprint

Reading in Exodus 36-39, something good that all leaders aim for happened. Moses was able to provide the leadership and was able to delegate the work to build the tabernacle just as the Lord commanded. Obedience in detail to the blueprint and pattern was followed.

The people responded and gave beyond what was needed to carry out the construction of the tabernacle. Even to the point that Moses commands the people to stop bringing their offering because more than needed was received.

The tabernacle was constructed first with immaculate curtains made of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen, with cherubim woven into it by skilled workers (Exodus 36:35). Then the arc was made with acacia wood overlaid with gold. An atonement cover was made of pure gold along with two cherubim out of hammered gold at the ends of the cover.

Then the table was made of acacia wood overlaid with pure gold and a gold molding around it (Exodus 36:11). Next, the lampstand of pure gold was made. Then the altars, the courtyard, and the priestly garments. Just imagine the weight and size of the completed structure. I have heard estimates valuing all the gold, silver, and bronze combined in today’s terms would exceed thirty million dollars.

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This day with You Lord, we worship You only. In today’s reading, we find out what can happen when Your people keep their eye on the ONE who can make all things possible. When people work together under Your guidance, they can build something amazing just as they did in building the tabernacle. Help us to build an amazing day today as we follow Your plan for us. Amen.

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The Week Ahead

This week, we will finish the study of the book of Exodus and share more thoughts.

Below are some questions for reflection:

Exodus 36-39
* What command does Moses give? Why? Do you give God haphazard service or full obedience in detail?

Exodus 40
* What is the time lapse between the erection of the tabernacle and the beginning of worship in it (40:1, 17)? Is your life characterized by disorder and impatience or by orderliness and the ability to wait? Who do you look to for guidance?

Index of Devotionals

Believe that God has a great plan for you.

Victory starts by having a plan. By accepting God’s plan for us, all we need to do is follow and believe He will provide the power. He will give the upper hand to make what seems impossible possible.

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*Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God: A Daily Study Guide to the Entire Bible. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1978. Print.
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Infinite Power

This day with God, have faith because the Spirit of His Son in your heart has touched you with His divine power.

Step Ahead

Get Free from things like fear,
weakness, and doubt.
The past may have been bad;
a nightmare bomb out.

The present may be dark
With hard times looming
but the future is bright;
everything booming.

Because of the reward
God has for all
Who believe in His Son
And stop the fall.

By accepting Christ,
things only get better.
Freed from restraint,
No longer a debtor.

The past washed away,
the future brighter
each and every day
with infinite power.

By Mark Shields – © 08-03-2017
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