Shame to Fame

Lessons in determination can be gained from what others did when faced with difficulty. Today’s poem was inspired by such a person who against all odds rose to prominence to become known as “Bard of Avon”. Have a blessed weekend!

Step Ahead

Lessons in determination can be gained from studying the life of people.

A lesson given
In determination
From a young lad
Seeking an education.

Born into wealth
His dad hits a tough spell
Losing everything
And life not so swell.

Could not attend
With lack of funds
And adversity.

Married at eighteen,
Child on the way;
A life of hard times
Was on full display.

Work in the theater
Became his aim
Determined to succeed
And gain great fame.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-18-2018

This is a photo of the Royal Shakespeare Theater dedicated to the English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. The photo was taken when I went on a travel/study trip to England with a college group in July of 1983. The life of Shakespeare is a lesson in determination as he went through some difficult times but went from shame to fame becoming England’s…

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Getting Ready for Each Day

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. – Mark 1:35 

Brought out in the post “Preparation” was how Paul taught the Corinthian church to get ready for the Lord’s Supper.

We should do the same and as we prepare for each day. Let us take in the Word, pray, and develop plans for the tasks for our day. The way with God is the best way for each day.  Believe that things will fall into place and you will get a lot more things done than you ever imagined you could.

This Day with the Lord will be amazing because of who He is and who we are; an important name in history – one of His children.

As the song Every Good Thing by the Afters points out, begin each day with the attitude that the Lord is the reason for every good thing. The reason for family, friends, children, and in building memories with all. 

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Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 about their preparation to the Lord’s Supper. He had heard that the believers were not unified spiritually. Before communion, it was customary for them to eat together but cliques had formed so that the rich had a gathering with much food but the poor or needy were insufficiently provided for.

Paul goes on with his teaching concerning the Lord’s Supper and disciplines them in their preparation. He explains the purpose for the bread and wine; the bread representing the body and the wine as the blood of the Lord.

Paul explains that their wrong spiritual attitudes would bring on judgment resulting in sickness, weakness, and even death among them. Instead, each person should prepare for the communion meal in unity, share equally, and remember what Christ has done for them.

Lord, we come to You in prayer today as we prepare for our day. Following Your way gives us the best chance to get amazing things done today. More than we could ever imagine. You give limitless resources to make a difference, tell others that You love them, and meet urgent needs in the most efficient way. Amen

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