Together is Better

Reading in Genesis 43, Joseph invites his brothers to dinner and respects the Egyptian customs. His brothers show respect to Joseph and humbly give gifts. Respecting others and understanding how important each person is to God is so important in living together in this world so I wrote this poem to inspire how we interact and encourage each other. Have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend!

Step Ahead

Live with integrity;
Building a great trust.
There will be clarity
And a society that is just.

Respecting each other;
Celebrating successes;
Wishing one another
The ridding of stresses.

Asking for God’s help
As each uses their gift.
Where encouragement is felt
And words always uplift. 

Poem By Mark Shields – © 02-04-2016
Inspired by Study of Genesis 43
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Sermon Thoughts


The message last week at the church I worship was titled “Sweet Dreams – What Keeps You Up At Night? Am I Strong Enough”? Here is a link to the podcast which is live at 9:30 central time each Sunday morning or viewable at any time or place thereafter at this link:

Life can be challenging and that’s why prayer is so important because through prayer we receive what is needed. When we pray, we are speaking to the ONE who has the answers to all our questions. There is received boldness, courage, and strength to take on each challenge.

This Super Bowl weekend, share a thought from one of the great sermons in your community or from a podcast. The Super Bowl has only one winner but with God’s strength and our calling, all are victorious in Jesus name.

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Integrity and Character

There is a saying that character is doing what is right when no one is watching. In the post He Knows so Fully Disclose, I wrote about Ananias and Sapphira who sold some property. They held back a portion of the money and took the rest to lay at the apostles’ feet.

The husband and wife didn’t give the full amount they had received; only a portion but wanted people to think they had given it all. Their pride made them want to look good in front of others. The result was that they died for lying.

If our world was filled with people of character, the world would work the way God designed. He knows everything we do; all our thoughts and motives. Here is today’s inspirational video of a Man Who Finds 15 Thousand Dollars in a Computer Case and Returns the Money.

In my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever. – Psalms 41:12


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