Jeremiah 38


Image by KielerSonne via Flickr

Passage Lookup

What have been the effects of Jeremiah’s continuing message (See 21:8-10)? When have you found God’s words to have a demoralizing effect on you? Why? Who are the two men in this passage that are rewarded for their actions (See 39:15-18)

Under difficulty, some follow God and some follow the path of least resistance. Two men in this reading choose to follow God. Both Jeremiah and Ebed-Melech follow God and both are rewarded.

Things can be tough as pointed out in this song: One Day At a Time – Jeremy Camp but we can press on because of the gift God has given in Christ. I’m praying that this video inspires you and you will feel God’s presence as you spend this day with Him.

The Godly obey from love; the evil, from fear. Passionately believe in what you are doing, let nothing hold you up in your work and make it happen one day at a time. Self Discipline is needed to continue going the way of God. Today, part of my prayer is for self discipline and for God’s help to lead me and those I love. I’m praying that you make it a part of your prayer also.

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