On this Journey to a Brighter Day

As Israel’s history is reviewed in Joshua 24, emphasized is how God was involved in bringing the Israelites from the land of oppression in Egypt to the Promised Land. During each step on this journey to a brighter day, there was a choice to be made and a response. The choice is always to be devoted to the Lord and the acceptable response is always to serve Him with faithfulness. The verb “serve” is used sixteen times in this passage.

Sometimes our dreams may seem to not have a chance but then God opens a door. There is always hope for a brighter tomorrow when we are with God and He is with us. We have never been promised that life will be easy but even in hard times, we can have a joy that keeps us going even when down. Let us be inspired by what Jesus went through on the Cross. Let us remember those who have gone through tough times only to come out stronger on the other side.

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This day with You Lord, we have completed our study of the book of Joshua. Thank you for the example You have given us in the life of Joshua. His leadership and servant attitude had a lasting impact during his time and continues to impact us today. There is always hope when we are on this journey to a brighter day together. Amen.

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Ideas for Gaining Daily Victories

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13 

The lesson as laid out in the post “The ONE Who Won” was that the Lord fights for you. With Him, you can do so much more. He prepares a path for you by driving out obstacles in your way so love the Lord your God and step ahead.

Sometimes the greatest competition we face is within our own mind. We may have a major deadline at work or a major payment due. Our mind may keep telling us, “It’s too difficult … I can’t do this” but because of God we can have confidence to tell our mind, “Yes I can”.

One idea is to memorize scripture like the one at the top of this post when faced with pressure situations in life. Another idea may be to listen to music for inspiration. God has fought over the years for His people and He fights for you today.

The greatest historical victory ever was His Son Jesus Christ who died for all. Grace wins all the time to allow you to rise up to victory on a daily basis. Take a few minutes to be inspired by this song Grace Wins by Matthew West  because the victory is for all who belong to Christ Jesus.

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The ONE Who Won

Reading in Joshua 23, Joshua was near the end of his life and reminded the leaders of Israel that the Lord was the ONE who won the battles for them and will continue to fight for them if they love the Lord, walk in His ways, and serve Him with all their heart and soul.

As a spiritual leader, the main task is to help others be devoted to God and His ways. We are to work hard to keep the enemy out of our lives. As Joshua shared in this passage, God gave them the victories and today He can bless us with more victories than all the grains of sand on earth.

There may be times when the deadline is approaching on a project, bills are due, or a major exam is coming up. There is no need to be in panic mode because with God on your side, you can have confidence that the challenges in life will be handled victoriously on a regular bases. These victories will build momentum for future weeks, months, and years.

This day with You Lord, we have confidence that You will fight for each of us and together our devotion may seem like just a little thing but little things will lead to bigger things and before long we will be on a steady course which leads to victories on a daily basis. Lord, the victory is for all who belong to Christ Jesus. Amen.  

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