His Plan for Sex and Love

The adulteress as described in Proverbs 5 is very attractive and desirable but in the end would lead to the wrong path in life. The passage commanded to stay away from the adulteress because of personal and public destruction including the loss of health, wealth, honor, and dignity.

God’s plan for sex and love is to rejoice in the wife of our youth and always be enraptured with her love (v. 18). The passage points out the importance of marriage and advises to put all attention on the one He has joined you with in marriage.

The blessings of a traditional married life as one man and one woman was designed and ordained by God to meet each spouse’s needs. Also designed for the birth and the rearing of children.

Many suggest the disintegration of a culture and the disintegration of the family begins when the traditional meaning of marriage is lost. When a society’s basic family unit that has worked most effectively over the years is no longer held in high regard.

This day with You God, we pray for stronger relationships. Being sensitive to the needs of our spouse. Realizing that Your plan Lord is for us to use good common sense by putting our attention on the one You have joined with us in marriage. As we go throughout this day, we pray for building great memories with the ones we love. Amen

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Memories for a Lifetime

Rejoice with the wife of your youth … and always be enraptured with her love. – Proverbs 5:18-19 

Within the post “His Plan for Sex and Love”, written were some thoughts about the institutions of marriage, about relationships, and about building great memories over a lifetime with the ones we love. The memories are some of the most valuable possessions we can have. 

There are times of the year that bring back memories. The end of summer when family gathers for Labor Day, the fall and the smell of pecan pie, the winter when the leaves have fallen and you look up into the cold night sky and see more stars than you could ever count. The spring and the memories of kids playing youth sports and the summers going to the water park. You can depend on the seasons … they keep coming … you can count on it, but they never are exactly the same. O, they really don’t change but life and how you see things does.

Unfortunately, relationships can easily be broken and the people that are hurt are the ones we love the most. The song Keep Your Eyes on Me by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill has some good points on building stronger relationships that last. Things like being sensitive to the needs of your spouse and understanding that God’s plan is for us is to use good common sense by putting our attention on the one He joined with us in marriage.

Index of devotionals

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The Week Ahead

This week, we will continue the study of the book of Proverbs and share more thoughts.

Below are some questions for reflection. 

Proverbs 5

* Describe the adulteress. Why should you keep away from her? What are the personal and public results for the adulterer? What does Proverbs 5:15-21 reveal about God’s plan for sex and love?

Proverbs 6

* What about ants can we learn? The Lord hates certain things in people. Are there any of these in your life and are there ways you can get rid of them? What are the consequences for the person who commits adultery?



Believe that God has a great plan for you.Victory starts by having a plan. By accepting God’s plan for us, all we need to do is follow and believe He will provide the power. He will give the upper hand to make what seems impossible possible.

*Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God: A Daily Study Guide to the Entire Bible. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1978. Print.
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